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script to determine memory usage

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Created on 26 Feb 2018
@author: wonko
import libvirt
import sys
import os
if __name__ == '__main__':
if 'VIRTURL' in os.environ:
virturl = os.environ['VIRTURL']
virturl = 'qemu+ssh://' + os.environ['USER'] + ''
doms = {}
conn = libvirt.openReadOnly(virturl)
if conn == None:
print ('Failed to open connection to the hypervisor')
for domain in conn.listAllDomains():
i =
doms[] = {
'state': i[0],
'maxmem': i[1],
'mem': i[2],
'vcpu': i[3],
'cputime': i[4]
totalmem = 0
for dom in doms.keys():
maxmem = int(doms[dom]['maxmem']/1024/1024)
print (dom + '\tmaxmem:\t' + str(maxmem) + 'G')
print ('\ttotal memory\t'+ str(totalmem) + 'G')
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