Commit 73358e0c authored by Zeitpunk's avatar Zeitpunk 💬

[B] Removed the formatting option in the url

parent 59462b93
......@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ class telefly:
def sendMessage(self, text, chat_id, disable_notification=None, parse_mode=None, reply_markup=None):
text = urllib.parse.quote_plus(text) # encode any special characters in our message to be url-friendly, for example the + sign
url = self.URL + "sendMessage?text={}&chat_id={}&parse_mode=Markdown".format(text, chat_id)
url = self.URL + "sendMessage?text={}&chat_id={}".format(text, chat_id)
if disable_notification:
url += "&disable_notification={}".format(disable_notification)
if parse_mode:
......@@ -87,6 +87,6 @@ class telefly:
# TODO: All the other methods of Telegram bots
# Important: forceReply, sendVideos, parseMode, (inline)Keyboards,
# Important: forceReply, sendVideos, (inline)Keyboards,
# reply_to_message_id, edit message ...
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